Half Round Gutter Guide

Interested in half round gutters?  We can run half round in 48 colors on site, or deliver pieces with any of your deliveries.  We stock half-round hangers, downspout, and elbows in white, galvalume, and copper, with many other color options available through special order.  Browse our full offering of half round gutter supplies at http://halfroundguttersusa.com/

KWM Machine Resources

We are proud to be a regional distributor of KWM gutter machines and accessories.  KWM is the leading domestic gutter
machine supplier on the market.  With every machine purchase, we provide free training and assistance mounting your
machine in your trailer.  For more information on KWM machines, as well as some helpful troubleshooting videos, please
browse the links below.

KWM Junior 5″ Information

KWM Junior 5/6″ Information

KWM YouTube Channel

Our Partnership With Van Mark

We are proud to partner with Van Mark to sell their full line of portable bending brakes, saw tables, slitters, and gutter hood forming tools.  All Van Mark tools and products are manufactured and assembled in the USA.  Click here to view the full product catalog.

Van Mark offers a 1 year limited warranty on all new products.

GutterRx and LeaFree Resources

We have extensive promotional material to help you sell GutterRx and LeaFree to your customers.  In addition to the links below, we can provide you with sales kits, in home displays, yard signs, and much more.  Contact us today to request the materials you need to close the next sale!

GutterRx Information Sheet

LeaFree Information

GutterRx Warranty

LeaFree Warranty

Coil Warranty

Under normal and proper use and subject to the terms and conditions described in this warranty, Michigan Aluminum Corporation (“manufacturer”) warrants to the property owner(s) (“owner”), named in this certificate, that its coated aluminum, accessories, and equipment (“product”) is free from manufacturing defects and will not peel, check, chip, crack (except for such crazing or slight cracking as may occur on tightly roll-formed edges or brake bends which is accepted as standard), blister, split, flake, as a direct result of manufacturing defects.

Return Policy

Michigan Aluminum Corporation has a strict 45 day return policy. Product that is 45 days past the invoice date will not be accepted for credit. Only full box quantities will be accepted for return. No exceptions.

Invoices are also required when returning an item on a truck. Copies or originals will be accepted. All returns must be authorized prior to being accepted.

Call us at 1-800-358-8128 for more information about our Return Policy.